Ani Wilson
Brain Coach - Stress Mastery / Leadership Burnout

The statistics for leaders, practitioners & business owners to suffer burnout is increasing exponentially YOY. 
Yet the options to address this fact seem boring, slow and costly.
It’s time to create a new wave, one that focuses on FUN brain hacks to inspire, invigorate and incite INSTANT change!


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Fun, action packed & thought provoking.
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Leadership Burnout Coach and Speaker

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Ani spent 23 years being head hunted by large global corporates to take over failing programs or teams, turning each in to a success story.  At the height of her career she was in control of a $52 Million portfolio of clients. 
Stress was simply a mandatory part of a job she loved.

Although she suffered chronic burnout twice during her career as well as stress induced cancer, Ani continued upwards, onwards, charging forward, trying to keep up with this ever growing hyper-kinetic and challenging world.  
Her family suffered, her marriage ended and as was always the case, her life took a dramatic turn as her eyes were suddenly opened to the pain and silent suffering that was festering in every boardroom she entered. 
Ani realised she was not alone.

And thus she retrained as a Stress Mastery Coach, a CBT practitioner, Executive Life Coach, Meditation teacher (did we mention her ‘over-achiever tendencies?!), but it wasn’t until she returned to her first love of Brain Sciences that an answer finally revealed itself.  
Finally a REASON why high performers crash dramatically!

We spend Billions each year on the psychology of mental health, yet ignore the very foundation of what our brains need to survive and thrive!
Ani is now on a mission to ensure every leader, practitioner, manager and business owner knows the true power they hold within by adding MASSIVE value, FUN, energy and up-to-date science to support her strategies in her trainings and speeches.
Point of difference
Ani's message is simple - The term Burnout is misused and overused.
Ani is not wanting to teach people to slow down and destress, she teaches the opposite. Where others are regaling the importance of wellness and mindfulness; she is promoting mental expansion, knowledge and raising the energetic level of our lives.

Through mind hacks & magic, we can continue to be overachievers without stress taking us out along the way!
Latest Media Interview July 2017 - TV3 The Cafe - Click Here for all Media & Interview footage


Dave Rogers - Co-Founder Entrepreneur X Factor, Author, Global Mentor and Investor - Singapore

"Awe-inspiring!! Ani Wilson delivers with up beat energy , heart felt authenticity and practical relevant case studies from years of professional experience working with world class enterprises."
More Testimonials

Patsy Tremayne - Performance Psychologist, Australia

“I’ve heard Ani talk now a number of times, and it always amazes me how much information and knowledge she shares regarding stress and burnout!”

Deb Carr - Editor, Publisher, Social Media Infuencer - Australia

Mike Handcock - Chairman of Rock Your Life International - South Africa

“Ani brings a level of passion and humour to her speaking style on stage.  She won 'Entrepreneur X-Factor' as voted by the audience beating out more seasoned speakers.  She captures her audience quickly and speaks with authority and infectious energy.  Highly recommended.”
 "Ani Wilson is a speaker with an important message to share. Ani is funny, engaging, entertaining and highly presentable speaker who I would have no hesitation in recommending.”       

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