Ani Wilson
Brain Coach - Stress Mastery / Leadership Burnout


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In this 6 week course I'll show you how:

  • To determine the blueprint for burnout, and how you can prevent it in both yourself and your employees.

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  • Packed with mind hacks, stress relieving techniques and strategies to expand neural power.

  • Learn about my Four Core Fears Model ™

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Hi, I'm Ani Wilson, Leadership Burnout Coach and Speaker. 

I've created this program to ensure that you don't go through what I did. To not only battle chronic stress and burnout, but to use it to enhance your leadership capabilities and expand your mind past what you believed possible. Join me in becoming an exponential leader!

Be aware. This is not a mindfulness course.  A biproduct of this is not recovery.  A biproduct is to raise the level of your own expectations. Join me on this one-of-a-kind program that is starting soon!

This course includes:

  • 7 weekly videos​

  • Weekly supporting reading material

  • Additional supporting audio content

  • Printable Infographics
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