Ani Wilson
Brain Coach - Stress Mastery / Leadership Burnout


Every organisation or business has topical and changing requirements depending on the stage of business and current challenges.  
The workshops outlined below are guidelines only and can be tailored to suit your individual needs.
Workshop 1

The Impact of Leadership Burnout on your company (3.5hrs)

An intensive 3.5hrs where participants expand their knowledge on the effects that their own stress is having on the company as well as their own professional performance.
Participants will be given an action plan and accountability buddy to support their transition back in to 'the reality of the job'
Workshop 2

Leadership Excellence (3.5hrs)

Leaders will learn how to tap in to dormant processes in the brain to expand their mental performance, trigger new risk insights and spark creative modelling.  We will focus on neural ignitions to also promote situational & expectation resiliency, whilst enhancing co-worker and staff relationships.  
This workshop is the most fun, immersive, and noisy (I can't lie!)

All Day Offsite
(8 Hrs)
Management Cohesion (8hrs)

Management Offsites are tailored to suit the outcomes of the company, however if no theme is set, participants can expect all outcomes from above workshops, whilst also building trust and cohesion across the team / enhancing strategic influence / and will learn how to use their new skils to expand capability across the entire work pool.
A fun day with lots of humour and activities, but on point with strategic objectives also.

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